A little bit about me.

Okay, so here it goes. My name is Jamie Dias. You have probably pronounced my last name like Diaz by now or at the very least trying to figured it out, haha. No worries it took me maybe two weeks to get it right when I started dating my then boyfriend, Robert. The correct way to say is like Dye-as with a short “s” sound, but even if you say it wrong I will still answer to it, lol.  I am 22 years old, married, with two children. I would like to think I am a very happy, positive person, who unfortunately is very gullible. My husband loves to exploit that at times, lol. I am also quite scatter-brained and tend to ramble, so even though I do plan out the things I intend to write, don’t be surprised if you find out-of-nowhere comments or if I veer off of topic. I am good like that. I love being outside, summer is one of my favorite times, simply because I get to go swimming. I love to read books, mostly fantasy books, but I will read all kinds, I also love to bake and cook, and just a lot more things, I could list things for days. I have a huge family! My mom is the oldest of seven and although my dad is the oldest of three, he has a total of five daughters!! Count them that is one, two, three, four, five! Needless to say, he spent a lot of time on the golf course when we were all at home. Even though our family is huge it pales in comparison to how much we love each other, yes I know that is cliche but I don’t care. If I haven’t mentioned it yet, I am also a big sap. I can’t help but fall for a good love story, romantic or otherwise. But I will talk more in-depth about my family on another post. My main purpose for starting this blog, believe it or not is to help me lose weight. Although I have no intention of making this a fitness blog, because believe you me, I am far from a fitness guru. I love to write and can become quite dedicated to it, so in my thinking if I dedicate myself to this it will help me stay on track with my weight loss. I am currently 215 pounds of pure fluff. I am not ashamed to admit it, I got this way by my own hand. Yes I could blame it on the fact that I have had two kids but that would be a lie.  I have been on the heavier side of things for most of my life. I have tried countless things and they have either worked and then fell through, or I fell off the band wagon. I am not looking for a quick fix nor am I looking for diet programs to join. What I am planning on is to do the 30-day exercise challenges that I have seen on Pinterest and Facebook, as well as changing my eating habits and tracking my progress here. I may be trying to start out a little over ambitious but plans can always be altered. My next post will about my plans, goals and what I think my weaknesses will be!


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