Getting Started

I’m so excited to start this! And I guess I will start this with why I am doing it, then to where I am currently and where I wanna be and then to how I plan on getting there! So let me be slightly vain here and say that yes, I am trying to lose weight so that I look better. It is not that I look bad, matter-of-fact I am quite happy with how I am currently, well at least until I go clothes shopping. That is a challenge all on it’s own. But there are plenty of reasons for me to tackle this, including family health conditions related to weight, like heart disease and high blood pressure. And they do contribute to my resolve but I guess the main reasons I am doing this is for me and my kids. Let me clarify as to why I include my kids. My kids are my world. The very thought that I might not be able to move and groove with them or even be around for them tear apart my very soul. So I need to be healthy for them and I want to show them how to live a healthy lifestyle. Then for me, I simply want to look better. Now, try not to judge me too harshly on that statement. As I said I am happy with how I look, but I am not satisfied. I want to be better because I know that I can, plus their is a very rewarding feeling in taking a picture and thinking “Gee that’s the best picture of me yet” as opposed to “Oh no, please delete that.”  So my journey is starting again today. As I said in my first post I am currently 215 pounds and I stand at 5’5″. My current BMI is 35.8 which is classified as obese (The worst curse word ever). Now I have two separate goals, my goal to get to and then my ultimate goal. Or in translation of Jamie talk, where I will be very happy/pleased and OMG! I did it!  My first goal is to reach 160 pounds/ BMI of 27 and the ultimate goal of 130 pounds/ BMI of 24. So now that we have talked numbers let’s talk about what is actually going to matter, I know that number on a scale or even a BMI rating isn’t exactly accurate. They both can be wrong if you happen to gain muscle while losing weight. So I am going to try to not stress over mere numbers, as my memaw says “I don’t care if I weigh 500 pounds as long as I don’t look it.” But goals are goals so here is my plan. Eat better and Exercise more…okay I’m done see you next post!!!



Ha ha! Just kidding. Although that is my plan summed up, short and sweet. But at length, Here it is. I went online and found a calorie calculator. Long winded description, cut short, you plug in your information and gives you the number of calories you would need to maintain, lose 1 pound a week, lose 2 pounds a week and the opposite of each ( For me specifically it told me to maintain I could eat up to 2,083, to lose 1 pound a week its 1,583 and to lose 2 pounds it would be 1,083 per day, and that’s not counting exercise. I have tried calorie counting before and it is hard, you have to very dedicated and although those look like big numbers, they lie! But I am going to try and do it again. My phone is relatively awesome in this aspect as it has this program called SHealth built into it and it tracks everything, calories, steps I have taken, sleep, heartbeats, water intake, caffeine intake and more. If you don’t have a galaxy like me, there is this other app that I have used once that I thought was really good, it is called SparkPeople. But I am going to use my SHealth app to help track everything for me, and for calories I am going to start out at 1,800 between my maintain goals and lose a 1 pound a week to get used to it and gradually move down. This is probably going to be my biggest challenge simply because there are times that I am not hungry but I think I should eat and other times that I just compulsively snack. So hopefully I can keep this under wraps, after all they say that eating is 70% of the battle. Then for the exercise part I am going to start out doing Two 30-day challenges, while including a Bye Bye Jiggly Arms exercise with them. The two challenges are the Abs & Squats challenge and the Plank challenge. I don’t necessary believe in target training because if you are working it off I think it will pull off fat/weight from everywhere but I do believe in target toning. I would love to tone up the flab on the backs of my arms, belly and to firm up….well you know lol. Who wouldn’t want to have a nice looking boo-hieny. I will attach pictures of each if you want to join me! I will starting these today! But in addition to these I will still be trying to do what I have been doing, which is making it to the gym at least 3 days a week, when able, and doing the treadmill and elliptical. I started going to the gym in April and attempted a diet plan and did fairly good for about two weeks before my eating fell off and then about two weeks ago I fell off the bandwagon and have only gone once in two weeks. So back to it, with my nose to the grind and my head held high!


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