Week 1

Okay so just a quick update! It has been a whole week since I have officially re-started this journey and I have already bombed out, or well at least on part of it. I fell off with my exercises. But I started again today. Last week when I started them I did really well until Saturday. Saturday me and the husband went out of town and well I got a little lazy, even though we did spend all day rowing a raft down Spring River. I did however keep up with my calorie counter. There were some days I went over my daily allotted limit but most days I stayed right at or under.

Lucky thing for me though is that we have family friends down in Louisiana and he just so happens to be a certified fitness trainer. So after talking to him some I had to change my calorie goal from 1,800 to 1,600 maximum. It is harder to stick to but I am determined to try and do better. But he also did say that it isn’t the number on the scale you need to worry about. It is your size in clothes and how you want your body to look. But if you are anything like me, I would like to lose the sizes and inches but it would also be really great if the number on the scale went with it! haha.

Then on my exercise, I have cut out the gym. Not because I think the exercises are too much although they are butt-whooping, doing it all together. But because it is summer and I want to be outside. I have access to a pool and I am going to do laps in place of the gym, and hopefully if I get motivated enough I will even do some exercises on my Wii Fit.

Okay, so before I go I do want to tell how my blog is going to work. I probably won’t post a weekly update on the exercise/dieting portion but I will at least try to post about some recipes I have tried and worked really well (which by the way I have a few to pass along), some exercises I found really helpful and so on and so forth. But it won’t just be stuff like week 1 good week, bad week, etc. That just gets boring to read and helps no one. I also don’t have any quota to fill so I may post one a week, two a week, none, it just depends on time and availability. Also as a fair warning, not all will be about my weight-loss. Some of it may be about my life, family or just funny stories.

Side-Note:: If you want to do this with me, exercises, recipes, tracking your loss in inches or weight feel free to comment, e-mail me at jamie@arkradio.com or find me on Facebook. I love work out buddies and don’t mind providing morale support and being that same buddy to you! You don’t have to tell me your numbers even, just because I am open about all my stats doesn’t mean that you will be as well! Hope to hear from you!


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