Is it Christmas YET??

Is it Christmas yet??? Oh how I love Christmas! Yes I know it is only the beginning of October and we still have to go through November but my love for that late December holiday is strong. Don’t get me wrong I like Halloween and Thanksgiving too but Christmas is my favorite. There is just something, and forgive me for being cliche but, magical about this time of year. I do my Christmas shopping early so I am always in Christmas mode way earlier that I probably should be. For me there is just this nostalgia about it. I have a big family, like huge, or at least that is what it feels like. It is a blended family so there are always a million places and different events throughout the year. But on Christmas, everything just kinda stops. On Christmas morning we wake up early, because no one sleeps in on Christmas around my house, we have a hard enough time going to bed on Christmas Eve. Then after we are all up we do Christmas with the kids and then we go over for breakfast at mom’s (I do, my sisters sometimes can make it but they have other family members that do breakfast too.) and eat with my parents and my memaw and papaw and any other family that is there. I get to enjoy my dad’s Christmas punch! Oh how I love that punch, and he only ever makes it on Christmas! Then we go back home and take naps and then get ready to go back to my parents house and do Christmas with my parents and sisters, visiting and exchanging gifts, trying to get dad to make more punch and just laughing and carrying on. Then to end out the night we go to a select family members house (it changes every year) and have a big get together with my dad’s whole side of the family and eat and play dirty Santa between the adults and kid cousins. Then the next day or a few days later we get to do it again with my mom’s side of the family! There is just always so much going on in all the other days out of the year that this one day, out of the entire year, everyone just kinda stops and spends it all with family. I mean yes there are a few bickers here or there about whatever and running from house to house like you were Santa himself, but any other out of the year we may spend a few hours together or even just a few minutes but on Christmas….on Christmas we get the whole day. And nothing is better, to me, than to get to be with my family. So yes I will talk and bug people about Christmas and Christmas shopping/plans starting in September every year because to me there is no better time! (:


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